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They say it's about the journey and not the destination. I believe with photography, it's truly about both. There is a journey that lies in each session you have, through each moment you capture in time, and every memory that becomes etched in mind. All lead to the destination of enjoying the journey through it's photographs.  I'd love for you to follow along on both my journeys and my destinations. There's bound to be some laughs, some tears, and painful lessons learned along the way. That's life though, isn't she beautiful? 


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  MISSION BASILICA SAN DIEGO DE ALCALÁ WEDDING   Right now you must be thinking, “Vanessa, is Jackie a bridal magazine model?” as well you should be. I myself had that very same thought at least forty times during Jackie and Sean’s Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá wedding! I mean…she seriously should be, she […]

  THE INN AT SUNSET CLIFFS WEDDING   Alina and Aaron’s wedding day was magically delicious. I do realize that’s actually the slogan for Lucky Charms cereal, and I also realize this may in fact sound a little odd, but it also accurately describes so much about Alina and Aaron’s Sunset Cliffs Wedding! When I […]

  SERENDIPITY GARDEN WEDDINGS  Kira and Adam’s outdoor garden wedding at Serendipity was everything! While there really is a lot of technical skill and knowledge that goes into being a photographer, in all honesty, about 25% of it is just pure luck. It’s pure luck when the sun sets right where you need it to, […]

DEL MAR Cliffside weddings are definitely how you imagine yourself getting married when you imagine such things. It’s what you tell your best friend when you’re eight years old, over flashlight lit popcorn, at a slumber party when you’re both supposed to be asleep. “One day I’m going to get married on a cliff overlooking […]

SAN DIEGO Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in such a gorgeous city. So gorgeous in fact, that thousands upon thousands of people travel to my city as tourists every year. It’s also a very popular wedding destination! San Diego boasts miles and miles of gorgeous beaches all along her coast and […]

LA JOLLA Gigi and Kenroy are one of those couples that belong in a magazine. There is something so beautiful and opulent about them, it’s like you can’t believe you are actually seeing them in person with your own two eyes. They walk around with a style and grace that can’t be described as anything […]

SAN DIEGO Liz and Matt have a really great love story. It goes a little something like this…They both had dating profiles and ended up connecting there. After a few chats, they decided their first date would be a workout at Orangetheory Fitness. First of all can I just say how ballsy that is?! […]