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Color. Not just any ole color. Lush and vibrant wedding color. Color has been a hotly debated topic in the wedding industry for quite some time. You either love it or you hate it. Candidly, I’m a pro-neutrals kind of gal. And so the plot thickens…I have been wanting to step out of my comfort zone for quite some time now and this gorgeous lush and vibrant wedding editorial at the new Julep Venue located in the heart of San Diego, was just the ticket out.

Since I started adding film to my arsenal of tools to photograph weddings with, I’ve been dying to play around with some color. If you aren’t a photographer then you’d probably never know that digital mediums can capture color in really funky ways sometimes. Simply put, a sensor is reading information (like color and light) and translating that information into pixels to create an image. Depending on how it reads these different colors and light, you can sometimes get strange, not-so-true-to-life colors.

In particular, greens, reds, and bright magentas/pinks can sometimes photograph funky. With film however, you are using a color emulsion that uses light to imprint the image when the shutter is open instead of a digital sensor. The dynamic range of film records light in almost the same way that the human eye does. It’s absolutely incredible! I also love how film translates color, it’s magic and pixie dust. So when the opportunity came up to work with this colorful cast of vendors, I couldn’t say no!

I think it’s really fun sometimes to break tradition. The easiest way to break wedding tradition is to go big and to go BOLD! Bold color that is. A recent trend in wedding gowns has shifted away from classic neutrals to something more trendy and vibrant and I’m totally here for it! Also, why haven’t we talked about these florals yet?! As soon as I walked into this space, I felt like a kid in a candy store! I couldn’t wait to start photographing it! I hope you enjoy these colorful wedding ideas for the whimsical bride!

Lush and Vibrant Wedding at Julep Venue
Elizabeth Dye Bridal Gown
Bride and Groom
Vibrant Wedding Flowers
Bridal Party
Elizabeth Dye Bold Bridesmaids Dress
Lush Wedding Tablescape

Vibrant Wedding Details
Bridesmaid Dancing
Mustard Suit

Colorful Bridal Party
Vibrant Bridal Bouquet
Bright and Colorful Wedding Details
Olive Elizabeth Dye Dress
Wedding Cake
Bride and Groom with Wedding Cake
Bride and Groom Coming Down the Aisle
Lush and Vibrant Wedding
Vibrant Wedding Details
Colorful Wedding Craft Cocktails
Lush and Vibrant Wedding
Lush and Vibrant Wedding
Vibrant and Colorful Wedding Details
Bride with Vibrant Wedding Bouquet
Bright and Vibrant Wedding Details
Lush and Vibrant Wedding
Elizabeth Dye Dress
Lush Wedding Tablescape
Vibrant Bridesmaids Dress
Pink Elizabeth Dye Dress
Bridal Party
Lush and Vibrant Wedding Tablescaoe

Elizabeth Dye Dress
Elizabeth Dye Dress


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