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They say it’s about the journey and not the destination. With photography, I truly believe it’s about both. I am a storyteller ignited by light, emotion, and movement, documenting a journey of life and love that is destined for the generations to come. These are the stories I've been called to tell, the love that inspired art, the joy a moment held,                                                              and the reminder that we wore it all so well. 


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TORREY PINES   Rosalina was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in December. She went straight to Torrey Pines after learning of her diagnosis to meditate and begin the healing process. So when she reached out to me to photograph her and her family before her surgery, we knew we had to use Torrey Pines […]

SUNSET CLIFFS   When I think of Zach’s Sunset Cliffs surprise proposal to Kalee, one word comes to mind. EPIC. Most girls dream about the moment they get proposed to and wonder what it will be like. They kind of put it up there on a pedestal as one of the great moments of their […]

  SAN DIEGO CENTRAL LIBRARY WEDDING   Every once in awhile a wedding comes along that just speaks to you on so many different levels. That was this wedding for me. I absolutely LOVED photographing Carolyn and James’ San Diego Central Library Wedding. It was one of my favorite weddings of 2019 and easily became […]

  QUIET OAK MANOR JULIAN   This Quiet Oak Manor editorial was an absolute dream! Does anyone know where I can get a job just shooting editorials full time? That’s got to be a thing right?! I was so excited to be a part of this shoot because I knew the planning and styling was […]

PARIS   Ahh Paris, the city of lights, love, and broken cameras. Oh yes, my friend, you read that right. We’ll get to that story a little later along with a recap of my Paris and London trip, but first let’s talk about these two! Nic and Ashley were honestly my favorite part about Paris! […]

  CORONADO ISLAND BEACH WEDDING Kristy and Justin had the most beautiful Coronado Beach Wedding and I feel so incredibly honored that I got to be a part of their special day! First of all, how cute are these two?! Second of all, how cute is their little family?! Third of all, I got to […]

SAN DIEGO   Baby Beachnau is on his way and I couldn’t be more excited for Kayla and Brian! Looking at these pictures of Kayla and Brian and seeing how excited they are to meet their son makes my heart burst! Kayla is just so gorgeous and I feel so honored that I got to […]

SAN DIEGO   Look out Kardashians, you have some new Christmas Card competition this year! The Barragáns are winning Christmas cards this year on a local level for sure, but we’ll see how they do on the national celebrity circuit. Ha! The Barragáns know how to do quite a few things really well and one […]

SOLANA BEACH   We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves during this entire anniversary portrait session on the beach and I was all about it! Jill and Mike are just the best. We had so much fun playing in the waves and taking pictures. I mean really, when is that ever not fun?! […]

BALBOA PARK Carla and Ess traveled all the way from South Africa just for their Balboa Park portrait session with me! Okay, soooo that’s not entirely accurate, but I mean would you just look at these two, they were meant to be in front of my camera! (Insert so many heart eye emojis here.) So […]